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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. let's get to it right now. a lot to tell you about. the battle over intelligence developing now. mitch mcconnell said he supports a senate investigation into russia's reported attempt to
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influence the election. he now joins at least four other senate leaders who want answers. >> obviously, any foreign breach of our cybersecurity measures is disturbing. and i strongly condemn any such efforts. i agree with senator schumer, mccain, bur, and others. sim lply cannot be a partisan issue. >> this as high ranking members of congress raise more questions today about rex tillerson as trump's possible pick for secretary of state and how the president-elect is defending tillerson's ties to russia and putin. and first, it was boeing and now this morning, the president-elect now taking on another u.s. defense company, lockheed martin in what's being called today the $4 billion tweet. stocks dropping immediately after trump calls the company's f-35 program, quote, out of control. and hundreds of flights cancelled across the country due
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to bad weather as millions brace for a week of bitter cold and snow. temperatures in many parts of the country expected to be 15 to 30 degrees below normal. we've got all of it covered for you. good morning, i'm tamron hall. thank you so much for joining us on this monday. i'm coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york. this morning, china is expressing, quote, serious concern after president-elect trump's latest remarks regarding taiwan. trump yesterday signaling a tough stance on china saying he does not feel bound by america's nearly 40-year-old one china policy. the diplomatic acknowledgment of the chinese position there's only one china and taiwan is part of that china. >> i fully understand the one china policy but i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china, having to do with other things including trade. and look, we're being hurt very badly by china. >> the president-elect facing
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criticism from members of both parties after mocking the cia's conclusion reported over the weekend that russia did interfere in our presidential election to aid trump and the trump transition team is on the defensive about his reported choice of secretary of state. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson who has ties with putin. putin even presenting him, one of russia's highest civilian honors in 2012. kristen welker joining us on this busy monday morning from the white house. there's a laundry list of things to get to. the latest being senate majority leader mitch mcconnell now joining these other senators now willing to have a larger investigation into russia and its involvement in our election. >> reporter: this is an unprecedented break with the intelligence community and some republican senators. it is a busy day at trump tower, as you mentioned. president-elect trump meeting with two contenders for energy
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secretary as well at trump tower today. former texas governor rick peryy and joe mansion as that flap you mentioned regarding the cia's intelligence about potential russian hacking is ramping up. take a look. >> reporter: this morning, president-elect donald trump poised for more cabinet related meetings at trump tower as he digs in blasting the u.s. intelligence community after "the washington post" reported the cia thinks russia interfered in the election to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. i don't believe it. >> reporter: mr. trump refusing to believe multiple agencies who have for months pointed the finger at russia to help hack top democrats during the 2016 race. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: echoed by incoming chief of staff during a fiery exchange on "meet the press". >> do the president-elect
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believe that russia was trying to muddy up and get involved in the election in 2016? >> number one, you don't know it. i don't know it. and there's been no conclusive or specific reports to say otherwise. >> reporter: not all republicans are lining up. four top senators including republicans john mccain and lindsey graham calling for an investigation into the potential russian hacks. all of that highlighting unprecedented rift between an incoming commander in chief and the intelligence agencies he's about to work with. mr. trump even questioning the need for daily briefings that presidents received. >> i don't have to be told. i'm like, a smart person. i don't have to be told the the same thing and words every day for the next eight years. >> reporter: mr. trump on defense over his likely pick of secretary of state. rex tillerson, ceo of exxonmobil. no diplomatic experience but executed business deals around the world and has extensive ties to russia. >> he's much more than a
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business exec teftive. he's a world class player. >> reporter: could face a tough confirmation fight. marco rubio said being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i'm hoping for from the secretary of state and john mccain weighing? >> is it a matter of concern? certainly, it should be a matter of concern. >> looming large, questions about how mr. trump to manage his vast business empire. >> i'm going to have nothing to do it. i don't care about it anymore. >> reporter: this week, mr. trump is expected to hold the first press conference since being elected and will detail plans to disentangle himself from business dealings and meanwhile, trump officially announcing he's nominating retired marine john kelly for homeland security. >> pivoting to this news conference, do we know if it's a q and a or a statement? he's had limited interaction as we know with the press especially in a live form like
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that. >> reporter: so the anticipation, tamron, is that, first, we'll hear from the president-elect. he'll be joined by his adult children, the sense is that they are going to be taking over many of his business holdings and then he's going to take questions from the press. this is significant for a number of reasons. it's the first time we're really going to be able to ask a president-elect questions in this format. usually, president-elects get elected, start to work on their transition and then hold a news conference within the first few days of being elected. so this is a break from what we have seen traditionally and again, we were told on a call earlier today with the top transition officials that we're going to get more information about how specifically the press conference is going to unfold later on today. >> great stuff. thank you. let me bring in former russian ambassador, recently banned because of close ties with
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president obama and former navy intelligence officer terrorism analyst malcolm nance. also the author of "the plot to hack america, how putin's cyberspies tried to steal the 2016 election." your book may be part of a hearing if it goes that far. you have mitch mcconnell, you've been writing extensively about this. when you hear donald trump and even reince priebus reject the cia information and the reports from the "washington post" and the new york times, what's yur reaction? >> first off, my book was written in parallel with the other intelligence professionals at the cia. they just had access to top secret information and i had access to open source information and we came to the exact same conclusions at the exact same time but that anyone would reject the u.s. intelligence community's assessment. these are hundreds of thousands of dedicated soucitizens who ke us safe every day and risk lives
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in the field against our adversaries is not only disgraceful, it is disqualifying. i had a conversation yesterday with the senior trump administration person who assured me that the president-elect would treat the intelligence community respectfully. ten minutes later, that person called the intelligence community ridiculous. i don't know how they're going to operate in the white house. if they don't even believe the people who are assigned to trust and protect this nation. >> their point, the campaign's point is that this is a lot of unidentified sources, even though the information is out there, it's, in many cases, very sparse. we'll have more in a hearing but malcolm, the tweet that the president-elect sent out referred to these people being those who brought up weapons of mass destruction. i mean, it's not as if these intelligence officials or the cia is above criticism, right? isn't any agency open to criticism? >> yes. we're all open to criticism,
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okay, but what i am hearing here is an ignorant person commenting on matters of the highest level of national security to this nation, and dismissing all of their work before he ever even considers looking at what they do on a day-to-day basis. he considers himself smarter than the entire u.s. intelligence community. there are intelligence watch officers right now watching this program all around the world smacking their heads in dismay that they have to work for this person who will ignore possibly the intelligence that keeps a 9/11 style attack from occurring somewhere in the world against the u.s. interests. >> let me bring you in on this. this is not just donald trump. i want to play what former u.n. ambassador john bolton, controversial figure. here's what he said about this, quote, false flag of deception. let me play it. >> it's not at all clear to me, just u viviewing this from the
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outside, that this hacking into the dnc and the rnc computers was not a false flag operation. let's remember what fbi director james comey said dealing with hillary's home brew server. he said we found no direct evidence of foreign intelligence service penetration, but given the nature of this, we didn't expect to. so the question that has to be asked is why did the russians run their smart intelligence service against hillary's server but their dumb intelligence services against the election? >> can you decipher what his point was? >> well, he's making a hypothesis about what the russians did based on limited information. like we all are, by the way. some know more than others, but even the president-elect himself in his interview yesterday said the same thing. the keyword that they all say and mr. bolton in that interview that you just played earlier said it as well, they all start
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their comments by saying, we don't know. i don't know. you don't know. so to me as a professor, when i don't know something, the thing to do is to investigate it. to learn about it. to gather intelligence, have alternative hypotheses and to come to conclusions and that to me is the no brainer way to deal with this problem. we need a bipartisan independent commission. t it is not enough with all due respect to my friends in the senate to have a couple of hearings for a couple of days but need a full length investigation with experts involved and get to criticize and look at the data that the cia has versus the fbi and by the way, we all need to look at how the obama administration handled the set of issues. that also needs to be interrogated in a bipartisan independent commission. >> when you say handle, you referred to adam shiff on "meet the press" yesterday when he said the administration should
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have been more clear about what it knew prior to the election and be more forceful in communicating apparently what has been concluded behind the scenes after investigations of what happened. >> and again, i want to say, i don't know the answer to that question. he made a definitive statement. i put a question mark to that. have this commission look at it. i know what the obama administration thinks, and said at the time, that they didn't want to influence the outcome of the election. but now we've got to look at that. most certainly, mr. comey weighed in on another investigation, curiously, he had no press conference about this which is a, you know, if even the preliminary data is true and i believe it is to be true, this is a radical assault on our sovereignty. we need to investigate it. we need to know the facts. >> let me ask you quickly before we talk to "the new york times" correspondent. this honor he received from vladimir putin, the high civilian honor there.
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what do you know, your experience as the former ambassad ambassador, about his relationship with vladimir putin? >> well, when we used to watch which americans met with putin, there was steven segal, tillerson. he's got a close relationship. and their largest oil company and he translated that diplomatic negotiations and those relationships into a $300 billion deal with the russian oil company. so he knows russia well and that's why i think some people are concerned he may know russia too well and not think about the other dimensions of our russia policy which is ukraine, syria, north korea. it's not just about oil and gas. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. i really appreciate you joining me. >> thank you. more on the man widely reported to be the l
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president-elect's choice for secretary of state. rex tiller m eersotillerson, ex. thank you so much for joining me. a compelling piece you put together there. when you hear the ambassador talk about the people who regularly would meet with putin being steven sega lrl. >> russia is basically oil and gas economy. let's make that clear to begin with. the state company has various dealings, joint ventures with exxonmobil, not just in russia, but around the world. so it's not surprising that the two would be very, very close because their interests are so tied. exxonmobil has a problem finding reserves all over the world. it has less of a problem in
8:16 am
russia. except for the western sanctions. it is in the interest of russia to get rid of those sanctions. it is in the interest of exxonmobil to get rid of those sanctions. now, whether rex tillerson would exercise power as the head of the state department the way he exercised power as the ceo of exxonmobil remains to be seen. probably, go ahead, i'm sorry. >> does it remain to be seen? here's a 65-year-old who's worked the majority of his career with exxon. he opposed the sanctions on russia. seeing it as the single greatest obstacle in this country. this is his life. this is part of his dna for lack of a better description. there's more evidence that he would continue the path he's followed than evidence that he would not. i get we want to be objective and open that people can transition, but this was the
8:17 am
near past that he lobbied. >> okay. let's bottle your question and hand it over to the senate foreign relations committee because that is exactly the question that he will be asked. and rex tillerson will have to say i acted one way as the head of my company. i will act a different way as secretary of state. different interests. he wasn't concerned about, he was concerned about commercial interests of his company, as secretary of state, he has to look at ukraine, he has to look at syria. what is happening, i believe, is that mr. trump wants to completely remake u.s. foreign policy, use russia as leverage against china, use russia as leverage in the middle east. can it work? it's going to be a very interesting hearing. >> you have a compelling report. people should take a look at it.
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clifford krauss, thank you. lockheed martin, tweeting this morning that the f-35 program costs is out of control. billions of dollars can and will be saved on military and other purchases after january 20th. lockheed martin has a deal to build a new fleet of f-35 stealth fighters to be flown by the air force, navy, and marines. nbc's rehema ellis with the latest reaction at trump tower. they call this the $4 billion tweet, rehema and this follows what we saw last week with boeing. >> reporter: indeed. and we should tell you that from the trump transition team, they're saying that this is not different from what candidate trump talked about when he was campaigning. he had said that he wanted to make certain that they looked at all of the deals that the government had negotiated and that they got the best deal for the american taxpayer. he said he wants to save money
8:19 am
and he thinks he can negotiate better deals. and to keep the costs down. so lockheed martin today, boeing yesterday. not sure what will be the next target tomorrow, but again, this is in line with what candidate trump said that he wanted to do. despite the impact that it might have had on the stock market this morning, lockheed martin going down dropping by about 4% as you mentioned this terms of the dollar impact. president-elect trump seems to be very aware of this and it may be an opportunity for them to have leverage when they come to the bargaining table. tamron? >> what about meetings today, rehema? what more do we know of the actions in and out of that tower? >> reporter: what we know is that carly fiorina has been into the tower and she was one of the fierce rivals for candidate trump during the campaign. but she spoke very favorably over the weekend about him. she came in here today, ben
8:20 am
carson, hud secretary nominee here today. also told that the former governor of texas, rick perry, is coming in and may be considered for energy department secretary along with the senator from west virginia. >> thank you very much, rehema ellis live at trump tower. when we come back, the fourth day of testimony in the dylann roof federal trial on the first day since jurors heard dylann roof's videotape condition fegs. jurors are looking at photos of roof's vehicle. used to flee the scene. we'll have the very latest report from outside the courtroom. nationwide, hundreds of flights cancelled today with over 1500 because of is ththis weather. dangerous temperatures perhaps heading your way. , we're the hu. (laughter) we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all.
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the jury in the federal hate crime trial of dylann roof is back in session today in charleston, south carolina. this just days after jurors watched roof's chilling two hour confession for the first time on friday where he admitted two o agents killing at mother emanuel church at times even laughed about the crime he says he kmited. >> did you shoot them? >> yes. >> what kind of gun did you use? >> a glock 45. >> msnbc's mariana atencio is outside the courthouse in charleston, south carolina, where jurors hear more testimony at this hour. what's the latest, maria? >> reporter: jurors thousand hearing from brittany burke. she is the agent who processed roof's car and talking about what she found in that car.
8:25 am
a glove, the weapon, also, dylann roof's handwritten journal but we're just finding out she also found, tamron, pieces of paper with list of churches, addresses, and phone numbers and at the very top, mother emanuel church. it just speaks to how meticulously dylann roof planned this attack based on his views on race. i want to play a sound where he explains his views on race. let's hear it. >> reporter: in your mind, you think the white race is the dominant race? >> no, i don't think the white race is the dominant race. i wish it was though. i think it should be. that's the problem. >> reporter: dylann roof went to say that he purposely targeted these church goers because he knew they would be defenseless. he explained he thought about targeting drug dealers, but he
8:26 am
figured they would shoot back at him. so he picked these church goers at mother emanuel church because he knew they would be easy targets and one note on the historical significance of this trial. this courthouse where dylann roof is being tried is the same courthouse where they heard the case to desegregate south carolina schools. so the historical and the emotional implications of this trial not lost on anyone here in charleston and across the country. >> thank you so much for your time. hundreds of flights cancelled as millions across the country brace for a week of hazardous weather conditions. a national service meteorologist telling people if you don't have to be somewhere, stay home. live at chicago's o'hare airport where some people are forced to stay there because they can't get home. ♪
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we are following a major winter storm packing snow and freezing rain now pushing into the northeast. now the storm already slammed the northern plains and the great lakes downing power lines and causing huge pile-ups. thousands of flights now cancelled. nbc's morgan radford is at o'hare airport in chicago. morgan, we see some people behind you. the line not snaking too bad but that one image there. so what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right, actually gotten better, tamron. it's been a chaotic monday across america's airports. we've seen hundreds of flights cancelled. the reality of it is half of the flights are coming out of chicago but it's also kind of a relief for the weekend travelers who are facing thousands of cancellations over the weekend. a lot of them telling me, look, it's been complicated trying to buy entirely new tickets off of different airline or trying to get rescheduled and described a
8:31 am
process that really isn't easy and really isn't cheap. let's take a listen. >> a lot of delays. took a while to get here. >> my first flight got cancelled. so i had to rebook last night. >> my original flight was cancelled so i had to rebook with a different airline. >> reporter: how has this entire experience been? >> expensive. >> reporter: thankfully, a lot of the flights are showing back up on the board here. let's take a listen. if you look at the board, you can see a lot of planes, even ones arriving here. they're coming in delayed but the truth is they are here. now, the airlines themselves, they've had a reaction to some of this. united airlines telling customers they are willing to waive the rescheduling fee. american and delta willing to offer a full refund if you experienced a significant delay, that means 60 minutes or 90 minutes respectively. >> bill karins standing by with the latest on the storm and this
8:32 am
cold weather that we're told to brace for in the northeast, bill. >> yeah, tamron. quite the scene. from 7 inches of snow in chicago to detroit where they have about 5 inches and then this morning, school delays and cancellations across the board throughout areas of new england and now left with the state of maine getting the heavier, steadier snow. but how well they clear the snow in boston. didn't get a ton but newark, mostly had rain and now 1 hour delays. philadelphia at 15 minutes and reagan international airport at 20 minute delays. not horrendous and as the clouds begin to lift, a little better visibility out there. they call it the low ceiling. the clouds will lift and better visuals on landing and they'll get rid of those delays during the afternoon and temperatures warming up too. the people who drove to work in the slosh and the slop, getting 36, even 33 in vermont. only maine that has to deal with the icy roads. the treated roads fine the rest of the day.
8:33 am
what's next? winter, something comes after it. a shot of cold air. the polar vortex, splitting apart and when it splits, sometimes it can send cold air from psi besiberia across to thh pole and it will arrive on wednesday. the cold air down all the way through canada and arrives wednesday, thursday to the great lakes. friday to the east coast and unfortunately, these are the wind chill feels like temperatures and fargo, it will feel like negative 25 and coldest on thursday. chicago, negative windchills for three days in a row. and then it arrives on friday into areas of vermont. this will be the coldest air in new england they've seen in literally a year. negative 26 in vermont. they don't want to be skiing in that. friday in new york city, for you, tamron, 24 and a mini snowstorm and setting up the winter pattern. cold shot, little snow and cold smot.
8:34 am
shot. >> followed by a lot of hot chocolate. thank you. biggest u.s. deal with boeing who trump went on a twitter storm against last week. but how could he derail this deal involving iran? we'll take a deeper look with live reaction from tehran and china expressing serious concerns made by comments of the mr. speak president-elect getting rid of the one china policy. reaction to donald trump's latest remarks. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red.
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boeing announced a deal to sell planes for $17 billion in iran. the president-elect denounced the iran nuclear plan in the past and has yet to comment on
8:38 am
this new boeing deal. instead, taking a second swipe at boeing's contract for air force one on fox news sunday. >> make good deals for this country. i don't need a $4.2 billion airplane to fly around in. i don't need that. >> reporte >> for more, ali ruzi in tehran. what do you hear about this deal and the president-elect and some of his language? >> reporter: the deal is significant. it's a massive deal. biggest commercial deal between the united states and iran since the 1979 revolution and the tomorr storming of the u.s. embassy. they had been complaining not seen any tangible results from the nuclear deal. borrow all of the planes from
8:39 am
boeing which they really needed but what remains unclear is if this deal will remain airborne under a trump administration. he's been fiercely critical of iran and the iran nuclear deal so it all remains unclear whether this will continue later on down the tline. there have been groups against the deal saying boeing shouldn't have sold these planes because it will ultimately benefit the revolutionary guard no friends of america but nonetheless, iran really needed these planes. iran's aging and ailing fleet of airplanes have one of the worst safety records in the world and they are in desperate need of an upgrade. boeing also issued a statement which may appeal to mr. trump's business acumen saying this deal with iran is going to support tens of thousands of jobs in the united states. a similar sentiment here from the government in iran saying this deal with boeing is also
8:40 am
going to create thousands of jobs in iran but an air of uncertainty over the new trump administration. the people he's bringing around him are security advisors, national security advisor, defense secretary are no friends of iran and that's given people here the jitters. they may have signed a big deal with boeing, but they are completely uncertain about what the future with a president trump is going to look like. tamron? >> ali rouzi. horror at a christian chapel. the site of a deadly bombing. most of the victims thought to be women and children. we'll have the latest on this attack.
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8:44 am
of the chinese republic. >> including trade, look, we're being hurt badly by china. >> nbc's janice mckay freyer joining us from beijing. we've seen reaction. there's an official statement and people are wondering, how far this will go at this point? >> reporter: donald trump would not be the first to question the policy but not so public ly and recognizes taiwan as part of china, not an independent country. almost insulted the defining policy reduced to a bargaining
8:45 am
chip in trade deals. the official statement from china's foreign ministry said we are extremely concerned. the taiwan issue is related to china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. and had the phone call and then came tweets about china's currency and south china sea and now this and all without any clearly stated plan of how it will form actual policy and not just continue to mount into a foreign policy problem even before his inauguration. >> janice, can you clear up, this was a report about china flying a nuclear bomber. it's been floating around. what do we know? confirmation and what went on here? >> reporter: this was revealed about a week ago, chinese's defense ministry said that this was part of a routine training mission. although it was the first in
8:46 am
that area in about 18 months. taiwan's defense ministry confirmed to nbc news that the aircraft did not enter taiwanese airspace and deny any link whatsoever to trump's call. however, what it does is highlight the growing tension and concern in the region that as this situation heats up between the u.s. and china, taiwan runs the risk of being a pawn in the dispute. >> all right, janice, thank you very much for your live report out of baeijing. a weekend of terror attacks in the middle east. i first this egypt. a suicide bombing killed 24 christians during a sunday mass in cairo. egypt said it included men and women. not linked him to any militant group. in turkey, more than 200 arrests today in the aftermath of a twin blast that killed more than 40
8:47 am
people saturday night. the bombings went off outside of a soccer stadium in istanbul, nearly 150 people wounded. a government official said 36 of the fatalities were police officers. when we return, the tough confirmation ahead for rex tillerson if he's nominated for secretary of state. his ties to russian vladimir putin, how much of that will be the focus of his hearing? we'll talk more about it after the break. rything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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briefing on politics on this monday afternoon. according to our team, president-elect trump is facing two credibility problems this morning, both on russia. let's join mark murray. over the weekend everybody was talking about the timing, the name rex tillerson emerging as the likely selection for secretary of state, at the same time you have the reports out about russia's involvement and
8:51 am
the way trump chose to deny them. >> you look at all the different russia story lines, going back to the campaign, where trump was saying very nice words about vladimir putin, whether it was donald trump denying that russia had any type of role whatsoever in the hacking, which we do know that the obama administration and others have pointed the finger at russia here. then the biggest story of all was donald trump's transition statement about the cia, criticizing the cia for concluding that russia might want to tilt the election towards donald trump's direction. when you take those three story lines together, it points to concerning issues that donald trump has with russia and his relationship with vladimir putin when he becomes president. >> and the list could go on and on from when -- i don't think we got a clear answer as to if he met vladimir putin. it went from we were stablemates
8:52 am
in the in the 60 minutes interview, paul manifor's language. so what happens? >> tamron, to me the biggest concerning issue is that donald trump ended up saying that nobody knows if this was russia. this never came up in the campaign season as he ended up tweeting this morning. we all know that's not true. we know the obama administration pointed the finger at russia. we know mike pence on "meet the press" on october 16th ended up saying there's evidence growing that russia had a role here in this hacking, and denying that that's the case it raises questions about everything else when it comes to russia and donald trump. >> let's play with carly fiorina
8:53 am
said leaving trump tower, a former rival of trump. let's listen in. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm well. >> how did it go? >> we had a productive meeting. it was an honor to meet with the president-elect. first i has to say he has really cool stuff in his office. all these athletes have given him this incredible memorabilia. i was taken by shaq o'neil's shoe which is huge. i guess it takes champion to know a champion. we then got down to more serious business and spent a fair amount of time talking about china as our most important adversary, rising adversary. then we talked about hacking whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hackie, and the opportunity that the president-elect has to reset the trajectory of the economy, the role of golf, to reset america's
8:54 am
role in the world and how we're perceived in the world. i think it's why he's getting such fantastic people in his administration. the high-quality of people he's named already says so much about his executive abilities. but it also says that people recognize the opportunity that or new president-elect has to make a huge impact on peoples lives in this country and on events around the world. so it was an honor for me to be there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let me bring in mark murray, interesting note outside of the shoes, the purported russian hack. the language that carly fiorina chose to use there. what do you make of that? >> two things struck me. one, the new york times is reporting that carly fiorina might be up for director of national intelligence. she does have a big business background but also had an intelligence advisory role in a previous gig, but calling china
8:55 am
an adversary. and the united states and china are rivals, you look at the south china sea, you look over at the economy. but to single china out as an adversary, particularly on issues whether it's climate change, keeping a check on north korea and its nuclear program and having carly fiorina say we were discussing calling china an adversary. that's big news. >> it's huge news when the administration nearly called russia an ally. >> yeah. it will be interesting if we get a fuller readout on what was discussed. but that china was coming out, given all that donald trump's talk over the weekend about maybe questioning the one-china policy which has china in a very, very concerning level. they have sent out some tough statements. so you are seeing, you know, donald trump being provocative when it comes to china. and, as you kind of pointed out,
8:56 am
sometimes less so when it comes to russia. >> mark, thank you very much. we'll be right back. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all. using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that. it kind of makes you feel like you're your own person, which is a rare opportunity in my family. (laughter)
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
8:59 am
. that will do it for this hour. thank you very much for joining me today. back here with you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. right now andrea mitchell reports. trump battling the cia. the president-elect rejecting the theory that russian hacking tried to interfere with the u.s. election. >> they have no idea if it's russia, china, or somebody. could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. personally it could be russia. i don't really think it is. but who knows. i don't know either. they don't know. i don't know. >> trump dismissing the presidential crown jewels of the
9:00 am
press, the daily brief. >> i don't have to be told the same thing every day for the next eight years. >> and the putin factor. donald trump's choice for secretary of state criticized for being too friendly with putin? >> it's not like they're pounding down beers at the local bar. they're friendly with each other in business. >> we'll ask kellyanne conway about that and more coming up. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. as donald trump is writing new history every day, often in 140 characters or less, the president-elect challenging the cia's assessment that not only was russia behind the dnc and the john podesta hacks, but also did it to influence the election


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